Friday - 11th December, hackspace STEEL.


Dmitry Sklyarov - Why revers engeneer needs 7 Wonders of the World.
Description: Sometimes you want to look into the firmware code of a device, but except for the firmware (which is encrypted) is nothing else. And how will the reverse engineer live with this? ;) In the report will be reviewed the real situation, when using a basic knowledge of IT and logic, we were able to solve almost hopeless task.

Gorchakov Denis and Sergey Brovkin - Malicious programs for financial institutions.
Description: We will tell you about the experience of the protection of a large organization from malware attacks and everything that looks like a 0-day and APT's with a solution from the "sandbox" BDS and DPI. We will share how to choose the best solution, what pitfalls encountered and how to deceive the vendors and how it works on a regular basis. We will try to explain how and who needs it, and to give advice to those who want to choose a product for themselves.

Description: This time the topic of wireless networks will depart on the second plan, and we will talk about the development of software in the style of hackers.

Description: We will talk about the mechanism of interception and work with winAPI data in usermode for further analysis of the software.