October 3 at the Faculty of Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (WMC)
in Moscow State University.


Description: Analytical comparison of targeted attacks and penetration tests.

Description: At the moment, there is a tendency to endure the focus of attack from home users
to enterprise users. For example, attackers, who used to make money on the unauthorized
transfers of funds through online banking, began to attack the same banks directly.
As part of this presentation, we will consider such attacks,
which was analysed by the employees of "Kaspersky Lab".

Nikita Kislitsin - Targeted attacks in the financial sector: characteristics and methods of counteraction.
Description: Technical analysis on the problem of targeted attacks with the specific examples, as well as talk about responding to incidents - that should have been done before.

Description: Successful analysis of the hardware often needs to develop special tools for analysis. One of the cheapest and most available technologies for this purpose is FPGA. The report will be presented to the benefits of such solutions. Also we explore a couple of illustrative examples of using FPGA for analysis.

Description: The next tricks which will be discussed, based on real facts of intercepting and modifying data. Subject of MITM attacks became particularly relevant at the present time, this vector is outside the web infrastructure, expanding the possibilities of "man in the middle".