Moscow DEFCON meetings archive

DEFCON Moscow 8 - DC7499 in Neuron Hackspace 22.05.2015 (photos)

DEFCON Moscow 9 - DC7499 in Mail.Ru Group 03.07.2015 (photos)

DEFCON Moscow 10 - DC7499 in Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics 03.10.2015 (photos)

Hardware Village - DC7499 at ZeroNights 25/26.11.2015 (photos)

DEFCON Moscow 11 - DC7499 in Steel Hackspace 11.12.2015 (photos)

DEFCON Moscow 12 - DC7499 in Kaspersky Lab 21.04.2016 (photos)

Hardware Village - DC7499 on Positive Hack Days 2016 17/18.05.2016 (photos)

Hardware and Lockpick Villages - DC7499 on ZeroNights 2016 17/18.11.2016 (photos)

DEFCON Moscow 13 - DC7499 in ZIL 19.05.2017 (photos)

Hardware Village and Lockpick Village - DC7499 on Positive Hack Days 2017 23/24.05.2017 (photos)

Archives of our meetings are available on our website in English only,
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