DEFCON Moscow 8

A regular meeting of the group DC7499 took place on 22 of May.

This time our meeting was held in Neuron,
we note that this is the first hackspace in Russia.

Sergey Vishnyakov - Welcome to Defcon Moscow!
DC7499 will share the plans of conference's development in Moscow.

Yuri Goltsev - It is easier to ruin something than to create.
Report about the major mistakes in the construction of internal networks of
organizations, which are actively exploited within the penetration testing,
and how to avoid them in the future.

Oleg Kupreev - 802.11 tricks and threats.
Oleg at this time won't only tell, but also will give us many illustrative
examples, which are demonstrating tricks with wireless networks.

Denis Makrushin - Deanonymization in TOR
We know what you're doing in the darknet.

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