DEFCON Moscow 11

11 meeting of DC7499 groups will be organized in the hacker space STEEL.
The guys have helped out, allowed us to organize an event at the nearest Friday - 11th December.

Dmitry Sklyarov - Why revers engeneer needs 7 Wonders of the World.
Sometimes you want to look into the firmware code of a device, but except for the
firmware (which is encrypted) is nothing else.
And how will the reverse engineer live with this? ;)
In the report will be reviewed the real situation, when using a basic knowledge
of IT and logic, we were able to solve almost hopeless task.

Gorchakov Denis and Sergey Brovkin - Malicious programs for financial institutions.
We will tell you about the experience of the protection of a large organization
from malware attacks and everything that looks like a 0-day and APT's with
a solution from the "sandbox" BDS and DPI.
We will share how to choose the best solution, what pitfalls encountered and how
to deceive the vendors and how it works on a regular basis.
We will try to explain how and who needs it, and to give advice to those who
want to choose a product for themselves.

Oleg Kupreev - DevOps 4 Hackers.
This time the topic of wireless networks will depart on the second plan,
and we will talk about the development of software in the style of hackers.

Alice Belousova - Mechanism of interception.
We will talk about the mechanism of interception and work with
winAPI data in usermode for further analysis of the software.

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